Budget Cuts to Archives Put History Out of Reach

The Georgia Archives state-of-the-art facilities.

In case you are unfamiliar, earlier this month the Governor of Georgia announced his plans to close public access to the Georgia State Archives by November 1 of this year (you can read his official statement here). Then—after causing an uproar among archivists, historians and concerned citizens—a week later the governor stated that he was committed to keeping the state archives open, but did not mention any plans to rescind the firings of 7 out of 10 employees. I’m not sure what good keeping the building open will do without suitable staffing, but I suppose it’s a baby-step in the right direction? Anyway…

There is a really great article in yesterday’s New York Times, “Budget Cuts to Archives Put History Out of Reach,” surrounding the hullabaloo in Georgia and broadening to cover budget cuts to government archives nationwide. Another important topic it discusses is the impact these cuts have on archives in dealing with not only paper, but electronic records as well.

Please read and share. Additionally, consider signing the change.org petition to keep these archives open to the public.

[Thanks to ArchivesNext for introducing me to this article and for being a great blog.]


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